Wow, just thinking about my fathers story gives me quakes. He has lived quite the interesting life and had a very unique familial situation which I think really helped shape his character. His home life was a crucible that ultimately made the wonderous man he is. And, he is, without any doubt whatsoever, one of my favorite people. He's taught me so many things, from a love for great music to my unique sense of humor, and a passion for literatue. He was a musician in high school, a radio broadcaster in his early 20's, a bouncer at a few clubs and, from the time he was young, worked in Delis, as was famliy custom.And, with aspirations to be a comedian, made a start with a joke shop(an actual brick and morter store/office where he wrote and sold jokes) which eventually led to him soliciting a few jokes to Jay Lenno(Famous comedian)! But my favorite thing about this unbelieveably intesting man is his soul, and his character. The everythingness of his history that defines him is what I admire most about him. His courage, strength, enginuity, his passion for music and love for writing, and his innate ability to help and teach others. I hold him high in a saintly regard, and although strict and stubborn he does everyting for our best interest and I respect that so much

Dad, you helped shape my character and construct the pieces of me that I love the most.