The truth is, once you learn how to die, you learn how to live -Mitch Albom

Dear Anon,
To the intellectual who has been leaving the oustanding comments on my quotes: I can see from the single comment you left that not only do you have a great habit of thinking and observing things from inside and outside perspectives of the box, but posses the unique and rare trait of being able to see said metaphorical and totally hypothetical box and boundaries and are powerfully capable of reshaping the boundaries of the aforementioned box to your will and whim. This, indeed, goes unnoticed by most but it is quite fantastic. You not only develop your own complex and unique views from a plethora of sources but have the skill, courage, and the, uh, Je ne sais quoi to avow them to the sea of unmotivated plebs that hopefully will contain a single soul that would indubitably admire thus. Cheers, -Fin Baas