To find one, ultimately true definition of nature is simply inconceivable. Nature is far too diverse and complex. Nature in its being is a variety of living and nonliving things. Creatures so vastly different from each other coexisting in the manner in which they do on a day-to-day basis, and have been doing for millenia, seems incomprehensible. But somehow, they manage. The nature you know may seem small, but verily, it is so vast and much of nature is unexplored. And nature, from the view of someone with a philosophical or scientific background nature includes the entirety of the universe and its many inexplicable wonders. Now, if we take a step back and regard the much larger picture, you can see how rare and beautiful it truly is that we even exist.

My personal relationship with nature is duplex. The more complex part of my relationship with nature, one that most see as fundamental, is my existence. The second is the emotional connection I have developed with nature, and the memories I’ve formed in relation to the fresh, earthy, slightly redolent aroma of early autumn mornings. The feeling received when i step outside to gaze upon the fog that hangs gracefully above the trees and that gently grazes the ground of the ochre, grassy fields. As I inspire the cold and humid morning air I’m hit with a rush of tranquility from the lovely petrichor, a smell I could never forget. And the sound of the wind gently pushing the fog through the leaves. The sun just starting to break the horizon, casting a plethora of colors against the thalo blue sky. The refulgent pinks, purples, reds, greens, and blues that light up the horizon and the clouds above it, and the soft incandescence of the six a.m. sun that breakes through autumn leaves just barely clinging to the branch. Coffee pales in comparison to how invigorating the morning autumn air is.

These sights and the memories they left fill me with an inexplicable awe. And every morning when I’m awakened by my alarm clock, and its incessant electronic buzzing, I take a few steps out on my front porch and bask in the luminescence of the yet risen sun as it slowly crawls over the horizon and into the cerulean sky. Spawning new shades of greens blues and pinks. What an incomparable beauty our humble atmosphere truly is. The lovely oranges, reds, and pinks and greens created by refracted light through fluffy clouds soaring high above. And this is, truly, the most serendipitous sight my eyes have - and will - ever behold.